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Portable Ratchet Load Binder
This VEVOR tensioner is more labor-saving than ordinary ones. You can take the handle off and put it into a toolbox or the narrow storage space in cars. Ideal for bundled transportation of various heavy goods, equipment, and vehicles. Get your products where they need to be with VEVOR!
The ratchet device helps you easily tighten/loosen the chain. The 40 cm handle is 5 cm longer than the ordinary one, and the labor-saving effect is increased by 14% for effortless operation.
Both ends are equipped with grapples, which can rotate 360° and adjust freely, making it easier to use. The U-shaped model can avoid unhooking, ensuring the goods are more stable.
Toggle the switch to control the positive and negative rotation of the ratchet. The coated surface is rust-proof and corrosion-proof, which is suitable for all kinds of rigorous field use.
The handle is detachable, which can be used for more purposes. Besides, the ratchet binders machine can replace the wire tightening device of conventional freight cars.

VEVOR Ratchet Chain Binder, 3/8"-1/2" Heavy Duty Load Binders, with G80 Hooks 12

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