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Secure and Versatile Transportation Solution!
Are you tired of goods shifting and falling during transportation? Look no further than our adjustable cargo bar, the perfect solution for keeping your cargo secure while on the move. It's great for family sedans, SUVs, minitrucks, pickups, etc. Keep your cargo from shifting.
The cargo bar with an adjustable length range of 40-73 inches (1016-1854mm). It's compatible with a wide variety of vehicle models, including household cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, minitrucks, and trucks.
Adjusting the length and installing the cargo bar is a breeze, taking just 10 seconds! No drilling or additional tools are required for reinforcement. With 16 convenient adjustment holes, it firmly locks in place, ensuring a secure hold without any risk of loosening.
The high-hardness carbon steel pipe has a thick structure, ensuring our ratcheting cargo bar remains resistant to deformation even after prolonged use. A powder coating process provides rain erosion and rust resistance while reducing scratches for long-lasting beauty.
Our cargo bar is equipped with rubber pads measuring 2.5

VEVOR Cargo Bar, Truck Bed Bar Adjustable from 40" to 73", Heavy-duty Steel Carg

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