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Experience Reliable Vehicle Transportation!
Our car tie down straps provide reliable load support for heavy vehicle transportation. Made of durable polyester material with a safe working load of 5,865 pounds, the straps ensure stable transport without shaking. Easy to operate and suitable for various applications.
Crafted with industrial-grade polyester material, our straps are UV-resistant, wear-resistant, and the protective wear pads also reduce strap, wheel, and vehicle damage. And the metal ratchet is resistant to rust and corrosion.
The 120 inches car tie-down straps are suitable for transporting and maintaining UTVs, ATVs, pickup trucks, SUVs, as well as securing goods during truck or ship transportation.
The tie strap features a ratchet mechanism, and the ergonomic molded handle allows easy adjustment and relieves fatigue. And no damage to your vehicle's bottom.
Easy and convenient to use, just follow the above steps, and you will assemble the straps and be ready to use. And the snap hooks are compatible with any anchor points.

VEVOR Car Tie Down with Chain Anchors, Lasso Style 2"×120" Tire Straps, 5865 LBS

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