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CO2 Tank with CGA320 Valve
A 5-pound carbon dioxide cylinder is the perfect beer companion. The 8.8-pound lightweight aluminum alloy bottle body is of excellent quality. Gray powder coating on the body adds texture and enhances its aesthetics. The working pressure of each cylinder reaches up to 1800 PSI.
8.8-pound aluminum carbon CO2 cylinder dispensing draft beer and other beverages. The bottle body is made of high-quality new aluminum alloy, lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
The CO2 tank's outer layer is coated with gray glossy powder epoxy resin, which is more beautiful and durable and prevents corrosion and abrasion of the bottle body.
The aluminum Co2 tank's exterior is covered with double certification marks from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Canadian Transportation Department (TC), with fresh certification dates.
The 320 valve is CGA certified and has external threads compatible with CO2 regulators. Gaskets are included as a gift to prevent gas leaks more effectively.

VEVOR 5 Lbs CO2 Tank Aluminum Gas Cylinder, Brand New CO2 Cylinder with Gray Spr

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